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Since '06, Dan,OBEY! has been weaving his musical magic, captivating audiences with his talent both on the mic and behind the camera. 🎶 A true cinematic mastermind in the making, and a smooth criminal when it comes to laying down meaningful lyrics.

Through his powerful lyrics and meaningful messages, Dan,OBEY! has built a dedicated fan base. 🌟 His music isn't just about the rhythm; it's a platform for speaking truths and touching hearts.

His latest music video for the single "Walk With The Light" bridges the gap between the Arizona and California underground scene. 🎬 Dive into his world and you'll find a perfect blend of vibes and energy that make every listen an absolute joy.

With Dan,OBEY, you can expect nothing short of pure entertainment and heartfelt moments in his upcoming projects. 🌟 Get ready to be moved, get ready to be entertained.

🎤 Ready to dive deeper into Dan,OBEY's world? Take a look around the site and discover more about this rising star! 🌟

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"Not Yet Obey" is a 7 track project by Dan,OBEY!. It features some of Tucson's finest lyricists such as Tommy Will, Nathan Villins, and Rob $parks. Not Yet Obey is about knowing your time to shine is coming and continuing to strive for that goal. It's about persistence and perseverance, but also valuing your current state and acknowledging how far you've come.

Not Yet OBEY Cover Art
Eye to Eye cover

Eye to Eye is available! 
Eye to Eye is Dan,OBEY!'s newest project containing 16 tracks, touching on tons of meaningful subjects, such as job loss, abuse, BLM, protests, and fighting through opposition. It features Viruz (from Imaginary Foster Kids), Cash Lansky, Jimmy Coltrane, Emcee Salvador, Trnth and more. Dan,OBEY!'s goal with this album is to provide a perspective, that can give everyone a set of subjects to agree on.

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"The Backlog" is a collection of songs Written, Recorded, And Mixed by Dan,OBEY. It is a great introduction to Dan,OBEY! as a rapper. "Ive recorded these songs over the last few years, and I've been sitting on them. I was putting together a project, but life got in the way. I realized that the songs would sound dated If I waited too long, so I put the tracks I was sitting on, and some new tracks together as a project. I couldn't wait any longer to give the world a proper introduction."

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