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 ABOUT the Rapper

The story of Dan,OBEY! describes a seasoned musician with an interesting past. He has over a decade of experience making and performing music for his fans. The focus has been, and always will be on the structure and technique of the lyrics.

If, when you hear “Tucson Rapper”, you imagine someone mumbling basic lyrics off of a phone rapping over a backing track, think again. Dan,OBEY! is lyrical, energetic and seasoned and his music is meaningful with a bounce that represents true hip-hop. When asked why he decided to start rapping, Dan,OBEY! says “I wanted to bring lyricism back to a genre that’s become so simple that it’s mind numbing.” Dan,OBEY!’s belief is that he can raise the standard of lyricism while staying accessible through his selection of mainstream beats and through strategic collaborations, while mastering the dance between keeping the meaning understandable while raising the bar of lyricism.

He has expanded his knowledge of hip hop since 2006 when he released “I Don’t Die”, a simple rap song that inspired a movement. He joined Rehab Potential and gained local notoriety. He continued making music every year since, both as a solo artist and as part of the group Imaginary Foster Kids. In 2018 he released “The Backlog” an album written, recorded, and distributed all in-house. Dan,OBEY! Has been featured in shows all around Arizona such as Starstruck’s “Crown” series, “The Underrated Showcase” at SOL Studios, as well as several other Album Release parties and showcases.
He supports the local music scene as both a spectator and performer.

Dan,OBEY! has albums and merchandise available on the merchandise page of this website. 

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