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Imaginary Foster Kids

Can You Imagine?

The Imaginary Foster Kids are an Alternative Rap group consisting of 'DarcVader', 'Dan,OBEY!', and our very own in house producer 'Viruz'. Started in Tucson AZ, three friends grew to be the local juggernaut that that you know today.

New Album "Colors and Toxins" OUT NOW

Immerse your self in the Imaginary Foster Kids(IFK) debut album. It is unlike anything you've heard before. You are taken through a roller coaster of emotions that describe society at its core.

Imaginary Foster Kids has created an Alternative Hip Hop production from scratch with every aspect such as recording, producing and mixing being handled by each group member which consists of Viruz, Dan,OBEY! , and DarcVader.

Album release date:
27 November 2019

Imaginary Foster Kids (IFK) · Colors and Toxins