Please fill out this form completely for booking Dan,OBEY! or Imaginary Foster Kids for events.


Who you are, and venue information

We would like to know about you. Let us know about the event, and the event space. Details matter. Will equipment be provided? How many attendees are you expecting? Where is it located? (Dan,OBEY! and Imaginary Foster Kids will not perform outside of the Tucson, Arizona area except in specific circumstances). What is your website?


Project Planning

How long is the set that you would like performed? Is this show private or open to the public. How will it be promoted? Give any and all information you have regarding the artist's involvement in promotion, set up, or participation in the event. 


Additional information or pertinant details

If there will be any abnormal events or any details we should know about, please include this information. Let us know if the event is a specific theme. 


Please fill out all requested information and allow 24-48 hours for a response. Please verify your email address prior to submitting the form.

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