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Song Breakdown: Anxiety.
This song is about me figuring out the differences between rapper me and my natural persona. It's an introspective view of my mindstate at the time.


Yo, do you know that feeling when you get caught up in your own head?
And then all in a sudden the thoughts start attacking you
and you don't know how to get back out?

[Verse 1]
You don't know bout my struggle
I go for broke, bet on doubles.
The quest for hope is a hustle,
intend to grow like a bubble.
Those who oppress hope that I crumble.
Want to impress all the people I see,
and all the rest who believing in me.
So my attempts are increasingly key
to manifest who I see in my dreams, ugh.
Pushing more everyday...
the loss of focus, the pain
the coughs from choking remain
I been vomiting up again
You should know I don't want no going away.
I just want to leave memories
to make an impression they telling for centuries.
To make friends out of enemies.
when they feeling depressed they can reference these melodies

[Chorus - x2]
It's my anxiety
It's like a monster that's growing inside of me
Tumor that's blinding me
beating it down till I'm getting some time to breathe

[Verse 2]
Tell me how I'm supposed to do it
a hip hop head releasing music
not selling out I'm staying truest
I'm dealing with deals on the fluent
designing the blueprint I'm doing
not trying to play games because nobody wins
I'm going on faith cause I know I'm the shit
my soul on the page, and my hope in the pen
It's flowing out hoping there's no rejection
but the kid inside, I think it has died
cause the business side it isn't a vibe
It's the little lies, it's the shit you hide
it's the sniffles sighs. wish fo' blissful skies.
so we're stuck here like we just rolling around
they can't get up so they stay holding you down
amped up restlessness going up in the mound
so I'm finding tranquility in the sounds

[Chorus - x2]

[Verse 3]
Let the inner me speak
because that man in mirror's deceased
I can not live in fear of these peeps
run away like a killer bee sting
some would say I'm boss
stare at page wonder where mind's gone
breakaway from a straight write block
walk at night tryna find life's dawn
on a stage all that fades
looking great wearing my all black shades
Bout to blow it's like I've got fan blades
hope to say one day that contract's great
But I'm still local to y'all
asking for help while they're hoping you'd fall
ups and the downs and I go through it all
aim at the beast and I shoot till it crawls

[Chorus - x2]

Would You?

Song Breakdown: Would You?
This song is about wanting to make sure that the intense effort that goes into making music makes a positive impact on your lives. It's an honest look that says "Do my efforts make an impression on people, or am I just as forgettable as anyone else?" 

Would you even cry for a nigga
if a nigga ever died would you give a
little sliver of your time out to picture
all the vibes I’ve delivered to your mind
implement it in your life,
would you even say goodbye

[Verse 1]
I'm the master of my world but a ghost in the back
I conquer most of the land using vocal attacks
I'm so dope it's a fact, killing it no questions asked
but I'm knowing that half-witted kids won't give a chance
and that's silliness, apathy spread its roots
grafted invaded till mask that you wear had grew
and I don't play with the crap you peeps fed into
The way I'm raised I just had to be better dude
It's a mistake to hate creatives while they slave away to make it
cause day to day the aim is just to make the next new favorite
you laugh and then berate em kick that passion to the pavement
the fact is if you stay then you can fathom at the greatness
It seems to me that most of us would walk that path alone
but if we gather know that it's as if the family's grown
compassion is the nutrient that gratifies your soul
hope to impact the minds of masses more before I go

[Chorus - x2]
Would you even cry for a nigga
if a nigga ever died would you give a
little sliver of your time out to picture
all the vibes I’ve delivered to your mind
implement it in your life,
would you even say goodbye

[Verse 2]
Would you stop if my lyrics offended you
could you drop though I've always been friends to you
would you prop up my dreams with a share or two
is you solid or is your love variable
Does it make you feel all gladly about yourself
Would it make you much more happy with someone else
Why I always feel so trapped up inside my shell
Looking down on me soon as I ask for help
but there is no perceptible step to pull ever to impress the room
I get so technical so impressive not comprehensible
my effort goes left alone -mental over heads of most
still tend to grow in the most arid zones I'm like a desert rose
I thrive in doubt it's a time I can prove you wrong
I'm shining now while you're losing confused and lost
what I'm about is to tell you the truth lives on
your mind will sprout for long after music's gone


The concept for Crazy started as a song written from the perspective of a mentally ill person being trapped in a mental hospital. It's also a metaphor for how insane I want the crowd to go every time it's played at a show. Crazy was written as a fun track to break up the monotony.

Yuh, I don't think y'all are ready... but

[Verse 1]
Welcome to chaotic state
Foam on the walls serving hate on a plate
sending the cops in to take him away
They finna rage and it ain't a debate - yuh
Rocking heads like you're medicated
call you trash cause you getting wasted
mumble rap yeah they never say shit (nah)
got my fans in here getting naked (oh)
Top off, pop off, got the squad in here they know we the top dogs
Na huh. all scoff. Speaking my name in vain may give you lockjaw
ha ha ha ha They wanna play but the game isn't hop scotch
Make 'em go crazy. turning the beat up, making it feel like a bomb dropped

Make 'em go crazy crazy, they going crazy crazy
Make 'em go crazy crazy, no you won't ever tame me
crazy crazy crazy crazy
Make 'em go crazy crazy, make 'em go crazy crazy
they wanna straight sedate me

[Verse 2]
Cranking up the manic tendencies
had a passion that won't ever freeze
and the fans be having energy
mix of gasoline and ketamine
music hitting like a backhand
liquor hitting and you can't stand
psycho exes like you had banged
Thousand dollars cause I'm that grand
Shows that don't got me are picking poor
Charlie Sheen "win" if you didn't know it
Spot at the top for me is secured
Hoping the venue here is insured
And if it's not you see, I'm running off cause we
are not response-ably for damaged property
the fans will rock with me and they are all kooky
mad and disturbed - got 'em all loony


Gimme My Crown

Bow Down, and gimme my crown. This is about being top tier lyricists, but not having the recognition we deserve. It's time to recognize. It's time to listen in amazement. It's time to Gimme the Crown that we've deserved for years.

Bow down
when you see me downtown
best believe in our sound
they gon' give me my crown
oh oh
bow down
enemies will bow out
I’ma bring the walls down
all my people gon’ shout
oh oh

[Verse 1 - Dan,OBEY!]
Oh oh when I rock the shit
I’ll be be here then I’m gone like apocalypse
all the people they jaws gonna drop n quick
make the populous speed for the box office
I’m on a mission to make people rock to it
play my tracks on a speaker they flock to it
my lines go over heads helicoptering
I’m on top so I’ll never be bottoming
out on a limb and I’m over piranha pits
got the faith that you’d see me improving
Not gon' break cause I’m keeping it moving
I’m influenced by greats in the music
y’all are takers I’m redistributing
y'all are fakers my speech is the truest
on our way cause you easily loosing
I’m a king with these legions I’m ruling
I be doing different shit
why I keep getting wisdom, magnificent
there's no truth but you acting as if it is
human trash and we had to get rid of it
but you mad cause your man thought that he had a win
he did not but you people be battling
flying flags and shit – fact is you can’t commit
with my music I’m equally passionate
that is just as it is
I’m the realest one you disagree you’re wrong
make the speakers peak just like a peeping tom
um excuse me, that’s my plate you’re eating off
for you rapping ain't working you need a job
What you want I have done it
Haters all gonna plummet
made all on a budget.
I’m on top like a mullet
and I’m large like my stomach
they all gonna love it


[Verse 2 - Highlighter!]
You better get ready for anything clever
I'm better than ever, my lyrics are legible,
Edible like a tomato fermentable
Haters will never be comfortable anymore
Anyone entering my abode better know
I am so mental I scare everybody off
And it's a wonder why I bring guests anymore
That being said I don't have a connect
I don't have an idea what I'm doing
but this isn't Shocking Cuz while I've been talking
I should have been walking away from hip hop
but I chose to write songs
But I fell in a pit and I'm better for it
I will not be the same when I've entered the game
And though I'm twenty two I don't have any clue
How I'm supposed to adult And it's really insulting
Pretentious, isn't it?
I'm new to this music I'm already fluent
My friends are congruent
That I am not doing The stupid adult shit I'm s'posed to be doing
Should I just give up? That's what my friends are doing
My fantasies blew up the moment I used them
And nobody tells me how I'm to be true
And I rue every minute I spent with those fools
It's astounding the route that I found even now
I make sounds and the ground's falling down
and I pout I get loud as a clown
And without any doubt If you've seen me about
You know what I'm about
The amount of sheer doubt I take into account
When I rap I'm devout I don't need any clout
I just wanted to sound As unique as a cloud
Now my feelings I tout
So just give me my fucking crown! 


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