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String of Thoughts

Song Breakdown: String of Thoughts.
This was actually the last song that I had recorded for "Eye to Eye". It is exactly as the title implies, this was written on one random night where I couldn't get to sleep and had a stream of thoughts going through my head.
It touches on a few subjects I was feeling that night: Doubt in myself, my introverted nature limiting my networking opportunities, disappointment I was feeling about collaborations that fell through, and internet comments. Even though it sounds negative, the beat and delivery are surprisingly upbeat and it opens the album in a very honest and open manner. 


Lay awake up in my bed
mental state is filled with dread
It is racing pillow wet
All these statement's RPM
Pinning gauges in the red. 
Wish for fading silhouettes
-I can't get response-
Tell myself I shouldn't stop
I could get it if I want
Always feel like hitting pause.
Why I'm writing all my wrongs
-But am i worth it?
Well I know I'm not perfect.
Watch how I'm working
Consistent hurting.
Always kicking the dirt in.. 
Cause I been introverted
-Square won't fit in the circle
I'ma give it a verse n'
give it two - see where it goes
Are you friends or are you foes?
Stop myself from getting close. 
I been backstabbed getting ghosted
By the cats that were the closest
Feeling so frozen
3 below and you leave the windows open
You won't be at my shows
No it's Seeming hopeless
see the
Singing soul ships
Seeking roses
Trying to keep me feeling broken
These emotions keep in motion
bottled up till scene explosions
-You should want to say yes
We could build a name
Gotta Get the paychecks
Fade away yeah fade away stress.
Gotta play dead when they wanna take heads.
Proper placement starting stage left
On our way to purchase respect
verses laid pressed on our way
to internet - they’re on a hate fest


Song Breakdown: Anomaly.
This song dives into describing some inequalities that most people seem to glance over when it comes to issues that affect black lives, And how some people refuse to see those issues, regardless of how blatant they are.
"Cause of Karen they're Caught in the system" is one of my favorite lines, because it not only summarizes current issues, but the line has a double meaning - The K sounds in that line allude to the K-K-Karen characters we see so much of these days.

If I could, I’d fly fly to the sky
that way I would glide glide through this life
that way no one is stopping me
I’m not part of your property
I’m the anomaly
[Verse 1]
I’m just the different one.
Don’t know your views but your actions they isn’t love.
Need y’all to listen up
cops want my people down on they knees drippin’ blood
please come envision the
scene where the leaders would reach to come pick us up
It’s just the stig-a-ma
Left when they beat us just pleading to breathe
sad that this could be me face down pleading for life..
Getting beat just like he probably did to his wife
but the difference between us was me wasn’t white
sad that people are like that but people are blinded
to change because they think you’re pulling them down.
They see you as mud because your skin is brown.
They won’t pick you up they say you should get out. 
I’m peeling away what lays under the shroud because


[Verse 2]
The resistance are playing the victims
There is nothing you’d say to convince them
All the guns are displaying their privilege
and their Jesus was made in their image
we was hoping for change and they did it
they just made livin’ harder for niggas
make our sons and our daughters so bitter
Kause of Karen they’re Kaught in the system
And they’re just livin’ life, paying dues and they're getting by
while they criticizing us by a standard - a different type
all this anger that’s pent inside, thought we’re past the genocide
strangled beaten and it is why - always riots when niggas die. 
Always Atrocities.. Angle of Animosity. And so I Answer on the beat
As these Assholes keep mocking me.
Know that you are not stopping me, and if you want to rock with me
grab my hand right here on the street come and walk with me
march wit’ me


Kick Push

Kick push is a song that I had written around the time of my last project. It is about the struggles of trying to gain fans in the world of rap. The metaphor here is having to kick and push past the naysayers to make it to your goal. I held it over for this project because I felt like the production of the last project wasn't up to the standards that this song demanded. I was happy to have Cash Lansky
bless this track with a great (as always) verse.


We finna , we finna - kick push, kick push, punch stab punch stab
All of my haters gon’ run fast, all of the rest do this one task

[Verse 1]
Since day 1 I’ma rock it, I’ma not quit.
I’m about to blow up, got the bomb lit
Got a grip on you nuts like a socket, I’m envisioning runnin' a profit
Never stopping, till I top it
And I’m hitting till pistons are popping, it’s exhausting, but I got this. 
Cause no matter what it is you say to me I’m a make you see
Once the name Dan,OBEY! makes his début he,
he will float to the top of this great blue sea
Of the rappers that’s trying to take from me
Cause I’m killing the beat when my lyrics complete
And I know it’s sick once they start shifting their feet
Got that infinite heat know my pimping complete
Once I’m munching on the stuff that rich niggas eat
I’m exposing my soul up on each stage but
see the fans throwing hands you know creates love
the promoters and other people know they all need they cut
Gotta pay just to make it but yo - the briefcase's shut
let me see your peace signs - see all of my people that’s feeling me reach straight up


[Verse 2 – Cash Lansky]
Kick, Push – No Lupe but it’s 8 Ball in that corner pocket
I’m side-winding they side Iron I’ma get rich or I’ma die tryin’
Flip the coin just to feel the rush
Spirits down it’s that pick me up
Grown man, I can’t pick you up
They’ll talk shit and then hit you up
Won the fight, but we won the war
Robbed the rich just to feed the poor
Lost count, but they keepin’ score
These winners winnin’ these losers sore.
No complaint that department clothes
They mad at you cause the life you chose
Hate – Exposed when they amongst they bros
They ain’t feelin sure you gotta stop me yo,
Hating on me then you’re wasting yo time, this is the way that the plan was designed
Follow my heart and I follow my dreams
If I send me a prayer and follow these signs
Stayed in my lane with that cruising control
hear the progression even if it’s slow
Cash Lansky, what the fuck do I know,


[Verse 3]
So I’m Busting Back – Better Be glad to see me
I’m attacking these Beats on a Brand new CD
I Brought Cash Lansky with me- we that supreme team
and we rap so clean Bro can you pass the squeegee?
Its addictive my flow’s like the crack you fiends keep
rhyme like aliens we like a brand new species
we titanium - hard like a statue we be exposed
here’s my resume - my CD is enclosed
I’ma break my way in to this game you see
ain't no way that these rejections are making me
what I say to you is valuable – a ruby
all I need’s my loose leaf lyrics on a looped beat
you can’t take from me
if I give it my all, you ain’t breaking me
I won’t hit the sidewalk, I’ma take a leap
blacking out my mind’s gone, I'ma slay the beat – here I go
You don’t like me just know we are not equal
bar for bar I spit flames like we sparked diesel
and I blow your mind up like it’s not legal
cause my music’s only made for smart people
Tryin’a hold me down now well you’re a wishful thinker
never kill my vibe you know that it’ll linger
if you’re feeling what I'm saying raise your hands up with the middle finger


Chun Li

Warning: This song not appropriate for all audiences. This song was originally intended to be an Imaginary Foster Kids song, that got delayed and ultimately abandoned because of concerns it would alienate some of the audience. This is not a random misogynistic rap track, despite what it may seem like on the surface. The original premise was this: Playing videogames as a preteen, making stories about wishing Chun Li (a videogame character) was real and into us. The concepts have evolved from that, and turned into a banger.


[OBEY Verse]
I’m just an ominous nigga, beasting on you like you dogs is my dinner
I am kinda like a dominoes nigga, Come to yo place and I’ll always deliver
Go get yo girl cause I'm all on-up in her
Rock her world so good the thought makes her quiver
Fed her this dick till she got a big figure
Gods favorite sinner I’m always sinister
I’m a different type,
Kind of nigga that’ll Kick it tight
Keep it Kickin' I stay with the hype
See this vision like you hittin' pipes
# winning like I ripped the stripe.
Give her doggy cause she miss foxy
figure fine and got a thin body
she gon' stop and suck this dick probably
I ain’t ever got ta Bill Cosby.
But Girls see this money
and start hitting on me like these women is Chun Li
I leave her feeling lovely,
she leave walking funny just like she got a bum knee
While you sittin' there sad though
you ain’t got the cash ain’t got no bad ho’s
I say “What are those” like wearing sandals
yeah you got a car ain’t got no gas though
and it’s sad tho, you a bum unlike me
Cause I’m blunt and I’m lit – got my drug ID
and I’m cold and I’m brown like a cup of iced tea
and you mad cause you wanna be just like me


[Truth Verse]
Watch me Dab on your bitch then dab with the clique
God damn I’m man who been after every brick
Go ham with a method to prevent you from a win
Got a vision and I’m living with a bag up on my hip
With a pool back in the back yard
Last call finna take off finish with the bitches giving lip until I pass out then I’ll pass off let the squad take all got the mask off speeding like it’s a NASCAR shut that fucking trash off enter with a sash on sever every header I’m a rebel in my damn zone
Accelerate through medals cuz my level through the damn roof
Then Focus on my grind cuz i been bleeding like a tampon
Damn Sean song is stinking like a john
Tick tock I'm a bomb unpredictable and all
Ima kill it causing casualties then up another notch
Ima ball turn me on Ima god am I wrong
Yeah I’m gifted gotta vision lemme give it to the children
Lemme think about the winning cuz then excellence is evident
I’ll rep it to the end of it I found out you were feminine I said it yeah a little bit
I’m lyrically killing your etiquette
I flip my demo to a well and ima sell every album until I go and make a mill off it
This negative energy always turning them to memories if I focus on my winning then you’ll never get ahead of me
Where the flow
Ima get it let it go
To the road
Play my song for a hater
Watch him dippin like a ghost
In a ghost been the host make the rules in my house with your hoe getting cold so My toes with her moan
Get your phone and record
Gotta hold for the trolls
Been prone just to blow
Why my show getting sold
And your show getting closed
Get me on and get you off
never fold feeling froze
Like my wrist really cold ice


[Viruz Verse]
Chunli looking bitches on my dick
Call me hiroshima
Blowing on them tits
Blow them lips on da rock
Light it up
Jumping jacks all night long
Pump it up
Booty jiggle on my 'stache  
Bounce it on
Chun bitches on my dong
Hop on top
Call me pop
Slob my nob
Ken ryu all night long
Hadouken on you bum.
What the fuck you want
Money ain't a thing
When it comes to me
Koolaid man
Busting your walls
Yummy clit
show them off

[OBEY Verse pt 2]
I’ma run with this shit like I stole it yo
cause my moves have got all the chicks moaning "oh"  
make her finish so quick when I’m going slow
got her riding my dick like a rodeo
she my throne below, treat her like royalty
I’ma tire her out make her go to sleep
make it good cause you know what you sow you reap
and I am what your man only hopes to be
I am the GOAT with these rhymes goin' doubletime
and you know that I’m flyer than other guys
when I hustle my rhymes in the public eye
I unite us - the enemies just divide
so you’re not stopping me
you know I’ll go on talking free
go nonstop till we
drop the knowledge b
you can’t possibly stop me
I’d be the president if I was only the nominee 

Stay True to Me

Do your own thing, and be yourself, no matter how hard people try to force you to conform to their Ideals. That's what this song is all about. Be an individual, and don't just follow the leader.

I'm not gon' be what you want me to be
I'm not gon' see what you want me to see
follow my own path and do what I please
stay true to me yeah I’ll stay true to me

[Verse 1]
Your advice - isn’t wanted
What I like, I have gotten
mind is highly exulted
got a mic i’ma rock it
not changing stop playing
Glock aimed at all hating
all ages arms raising
squad stays in posh places
bong blazin’ on jane n’
yo' moms been cock draining
hearts racing box shaking
she screamed out "aww Fabian" 
Naw ain't him - that ain’t me (nope)
Got content in HD
Mind locked in - misplaced key
I’m hot I wish they’d see
Leading the pack and you follow the sheep
like you had cataracts cause yo not focusing
and stop feeding them wackness they’re almost asleep
they gon' lean they head back - they eyes not opening
so I’m stealing them back they gon' listen to me
I’m a genius and to all these kids I am a king
I’ma clear out a path like I be landscaping
all these cats are gon see .. that


[Verse 2]
Not gonna change
so you guys can just stop with the sayings
cause the knowledge you drop is insane
Probably got it off of the "face" 
so I’m "booking" it - gone I’m away
cause you’re looking so off in the brain
I don’t care what you’ve got to exchange
once you speak it is consequent pain. 
Got to explain cause you’re tugging the wrong nigga’s chain
and you’re walking some rocky terrain
I’ma give you some logic explained
like I’m watering lawns - I’m the rain
it’s just time but my loss is yo gain
I been laying these thoughts that I say
it’s because I’ve been watching your main' 
gotta say that I’m not that amazed
cause I’m realizing that at the moment that some of you dumb
some of you stupid and some of you bums
rushing your movements you running to run
no destination so what’ve you done?
I’m going places that none of you was
fucking the beat up till one of you cums
I see your faces that must be too much
information that I’m filling your mind with
sit and take it cause my vision is timeless
preservation of my image is kindness
simple statements sitting on the beats I've blessed
I guess - I just - want to be recognized - wanna be heard
"kindness" "righteous" those are emphasized best comprised words. 


Target Practice

This song goes into detail on events surrounding the deaths of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and surrounding the BLM Protests happening around the country.

Yo, there’s been a lot going on in the world over the last couple of days
from the virus to the riots, it’s got us all up in a craze
basically wanted to go over my thoughts on it all
before the world falls

[Verse 1]
racism's dead right?
Well I guess that’s it’s all in my head right?
I’ve been blue cause it happens in red white.
And it’s you you don’t understand their plight
cause you’re not affected in the same way
so you’re not invested in the pain faced
cant pay proper penance when you spray hate
prejudice can’t make the USA great
it ain’t nice that you’ve been trying to silence us
we’re just fighting for our lives so liven up
peaceful protest so you incite violence huh
try to turn them against us to slice em up
want us quieted niggas is whining huh
They’re just thugs no these people aren’t prized enough
if you were in their shoes you would find it tough
you would riot the city you’d light it up

No one can see ya, no one believes ya
they change the story so they could mislead ya
who do you call when they target your life maine
Caught in the wrong when I’m doing the right thing 

[Verse 2]
They don’t wanna talk they’ve made up their mind
change ain’t what they want they say "fuck yo lives" 
it ain’t just the cops, it ain’t just the whites
rather fight the cause then admit we’re right
doesn’t follow their ideals, so I guess
that it isn’t real or righteous
they will just conceal our kindness
all we do is steal so I stress
that they’ve got it backwards cause it’s all a game,
we’re the target practice we ain’t got a name
they say all lives matter but they left us out
Snipers Shot bystanders just to See them Shout
So the walls I Shatter have em freaking out
it was caused by anger from us bleeding out
wouldn’t be an issue if it all was fair
you can’t fix a problem till you see it’s there 



This song is dedicated to the woman that is in an abusive relationship, and has every chance to get out , but refuses to because "he loves me"


Naw he ain’t gonna change, ain’t gonna change up (x3)
you can’t cover up your mental bruises with makeup

[Verse 1]
New relationship...
you don’t know how to feel what to make of it.
Every day is bliss.
When he gets home he just wants to taste your kiss.
Perfect mate so you want him to make your kids.
"He’s the greatest" "he remembers little thoughts" 
Took him places - introduced him to yo mom. 
Bought carnations in a vase and with a card .
Let his Little cock tickle yo nickel slot!
Never pissed him off, you thought that it would last
thought that it was fun and thought that it’s a blast
all of it’s a front just watch the splitting cracks
but you didn’t see the daggers in your back.
But it’s cool because everybody’s got their flaws
You’ve accepted his and he’s accepted yours.
He’s been hurt before and that’s a common cause.
But he loves you and you hope it’s not gon stop


[Verse 2]
Every fight you have will only bring you closer
and once he gets sober he’ll hold his composure
in your head you hope your honeymoon ain’t over
but you understand the stress that’s on his shoulders
and his drinking’s turned into a problem now.
Up and down like those lines you see on the Dow
his true colors have started to blossom out
sipping liquor way past what the laws allow!
You can fix him though, you can get him back.. 
Just a little blow, just a little crack. 
Let him hit the bowl, let him sip the yak
'till he’s mad and attacks with his pistol packed!
Now your family’s worried pulling you away
he was jealous thought you’re looking to get laid
said "be careful you can’t bulletproof your face"
ain’t report it cause you said that he would change but


[Verse 3]
Said that that time was the last time
if it’s facts why’d you go back twice
he’s a bad guy
he’s yo crack pipe
and I’m mad right
cause you act like you don’t have eyes
and you stand by saying that’s life
and your man’s fine if you act right
"if you act right" 
But it’s wrong that your pushing yo fam' away
and you suffer but sometime’s you’re half OK 
and you act like your friends do not have no say
his addiction is eating your cash away
and you're going broke, lassoed in his rope
and you’ll lose your home, it’s the truth you know
and it’s only due to your stupid hope
that you’re man’s gonna change but he isn’t so 



Even your favorite rapper deals with self doubt from time to time.

[Verse 1]
No I’m not like the other ones,
every other rapper spitting up in this damn city
I don’t rap cause I want your love
I’m not tryin'a be gangsta with your crew or act gritty
but it feels like an uppercut
when these cats ain’t my dogs cause they always too damn busy
so I feel like enough’s enough
cause i’m mad witty, I know half y'all won’t stand with me
I don’t need no direction this is my reflection
the judgment I get is like therapy sessions
prepare to be getting a type of injection
right into your mind reasons why I keep flexing.
my flow is so polished and I got the knowledge
so involved with music that I focused on it
I got no acknowledgment from local scholars
now my content’s got em tied up – like some bondage

Feel like I’m Failing the Fans
Feel like a Fool it’s a Fact
Feel like a Fluke and a Fad
Feel like the Fluid is gas
Fuming I’m mad, that is the Fuel that I had
Feel like I’m Failing the Fans
Feel like a Fool it’s a Fact
Feel like a Fluke and a Fad
Feeling like Falling and Fast
all the Faults that I have proven False so I’m back

[Verse 2]
The're so many doubts that’s runnin' through my mind
it’s like a marathon of all these stupid lies
because I’m scared of thoughts that all of you might find
just know it’s very dark and you’d be moving blind
you’d be moving through this fluid thick as tar
that’s anxiety that you’re caught in it’s hard
it’s created from hating my skin and scars
it’s the stutter that comes trying to spit the bar
It’s rejection I get from the ones in charge
it’s the stress that I get when I’m picked apart
It’s the rumbling stomach, the missing heart
It’s the fans that don’t come when it isn’t far
but I manage to run with these weights attached
I will claw my way up till I break my back
I’ma rock the crowd and cause my chain to snap
cause my Flame to Flash For the Fan's Faith is Fact


Ride Out

DanOBEY's Love song. When it's right, it's right!

Ride out with me , ride out with me
So tell me if you wanna, Ride out if you ride out, if you ride out
So tell me that you wanna

Tellin' me what I mean , and I say that I wanna be there with you
You lovingly stare at me and you see I lovingly stare at you
And every time that I speak, I tell you everything I’m headed through
Your presence is blessing me, you’ve been my angel I so I Guess it’s true
Soulmates never leave, soulmates never lie.
And yo' patience with me shows me soulmates never die
You’ve been my comfort, and you’ve been my blessing
I’d give what you wanted- places from down in the seas to the heavens
Woman I want you receiving these blessings
You are a 10 but you are the 1 for me
You are perfection the reason I wanna breathe
And to keep you girl I’d go cross the seas
baby wont you run off with me?
Tell me babe won’t you rock with me?
Gotta say I think God sent me
just to meet you
And to see if you wanted to - see if you wanted to


[Verse 2]
These days we stay everyday with each other like we perfect lovers
and we wanna replay each day. One after another we workin' the numbers
no matter what he say she say we build our love up just like it was a structure
you gon' be my team mate we play, if I was a boat then you would be the rudder
these people can’t muster the fact that I love you
through the good and bad I will come through
if we’re adding I’m three, you are 1, 2
and boo you’ll always be in my front view
if you call me I’ll speed, I will run through
expectations that I will live up to
I want to be the man that you come to
when you’re needing my touch boo
I’ll be by your side through the thick and thin
wanna see your eyes light up with a grin
wanna be your life partner till the end
till our ashes spreading out in the wind
our love’s predestined, got the sweetest kiss
got the cutest lips, how you move your hips
no suspension but we make it through the dips
and I wanna know you would keep riding with


See Me in Heaven

This song is all about trying to make an impact in people's lives while we're still on earth. Not letting life's downs affect our world view.

[Chorus - Shiedy]
In this life I lead I hope to leave impressions
Need your company, and yes I need your friendship
Keep it worry free, won't you come and see
walk this globe with me
'till you see me in heaven

[Verse 1]
You ever feel like you live your life but you were meant for more
accepting the day to day - forever building better scores
You never see no better shores just death, disease, and desert storms
and you may finally get the keys but then you never get the door
the dream is dead of course the scenery is black
That little spark you had is long gone, and yo you need to get it back
for me it seems to be a fact that moving forward throws me back
and so I’m trapped at border standing, just happy where I'm at.
But I can’t be stagnant, I gotta keep on climbing that ladder
I’m gonna prove my worth and show you all that I really matter
before I leave this earth dying of cancer or entwined in disaster
I’m on a path ta rise and enhance the mind if I can cause
I’m like a light once I’m on the roaches will scatter
Try to inspire higher vibes and then Hope that it matters
At a time society is goin' to the crapper
I tow the line til’ I become a pile of dust from the bone cracking fractures


My goal is to be impactful and leave this damn globe free of these shackles
Inspire those I meet at each rap show and help em feel thankful
Carry their pain like wheel barrows, and light the way like we candles
And they can say that we assholes but I’m a stay cause we can’t go
-I won’t abandon someone in need it’s not in my soul
To be someone that you can care about’s my quantified goal.
I need somebody that I can count on, you can rock and I’d roll
I Want a real one that I can count on while were walking life’s stroll.
I hope that when I’m gone my legacy lives on in a few
I hope that you can grasp the truth I speak when I’m talking to you
I know that if humans can fly to the moon and land
I can inspire a room through rap so I’m trying to do just that
I rhyme to help choose a path we could take to prosperity
and I feel like a rarity, I’m preparing peeps to be who they care to be
trying to stop us from barreling to society's perishing
to show you there’s equity before my death is reached



Hurt My Soul

It hurts to the core when people choose to ignore the injustices that occur disproportionately to those with colored skin. It hurts my soul to see members of humanity fight progress.

I have been out here just fighting the man
to have equal rights has been my business plan
the terrorist's narrative’s hiding the facts
I’m grabbing the gas and I’m lighting their ass
they’re not a problem - nah they don’t wanna hear it
"they all are fake" but when you like it you cheer it
but nah that ain’t the way that life makes the gears click
all the hate has been breaking my spirit
dumb dumbs when the lust comes
cause you come up, they’re in bum slums
they would run up take your lump sums
I say nuh huh, got my gun pumped
must be drugged up must be dumb in the head
fight for some crumbs the elite got the bread
If it was love, we would link up and get some
but ya’ll just want to meet up with death so
I’m turning a different way, making change
working to educate, fillin’ brains
break down the informate- if it’s fake
change away from the hate – figure eight
right now the USA isn’t great
filters down from the top, chief of state
chop it off at the spot, amputate
taking it to the block, agitate
wanna prosecute the bed shooters
but instead they decide to send death troopers
making stories calling the protests looters
and it’s hurting my heart like a breast tumor
we need less rumors, we need more truth
we need less bullets shooting your youth
we need more colors in the courtrooms
cause they want shooters coming for you 

You don't know just what you've done to me
hurt my soul and proved the fools you must be
You don't know just what you've done to me
hurt my soul, it's cool, but you'll see

[Jimmy Coltraine Verse]
They said let it go
but it keep goin' on it's perpetual
fuckin' wit all my rights and my schedules
we can't stop til' they see us identical
fuck it tho' we got ladders to climb up
they kick down they don't want us to rise up
bezel face on my wrist when yo time's up
we dividin' the pie, can't divide us
gotta hit fight or flight when it's crunch time
get the worms out my heart like a Frontline
devil came sold his soul to me one time
Gave a fuck and did it for a punchline
Y'all don't want none with me
I'm too godly like I got some nuns with me
Make 'em strip for the tip and these ones on me
how these hatin' ass kids gonna front on me
play with me you can catch a lobotomy
I been outside, only for the protest, or pickin' up on mo' checks
tellin all the hoes "next"
you can fill up with a Kotex
I need the power like a Bowflex
I been heatin' water on the griddle
you know I been spittin' that heat over fiddles
tryna get up that's a riddle
Act up n' go away like Malcolm In The Middle
So I need release
Up on these beats
Big ocean waves
Cause this life is a beach
Need some tacos from Che West
I'm feedin' the streets
Need some swag from Bodega
I'm keepin' shit clean
big slab talk, no Cutlass Caprice
up on big bag talk that's every release
over here gettin' shit popped off like grease
I ain't talm bout a fries bitch I'm talm bout peace


[Emcee Salvador Verse]
Posted up on the frontline, young nigga I'm in the trenches,
independent like autonomy, engage political economy,
learning the truth about consciousness, fuckin around with this Marxist shit,
brave nigga I'll spark this shit, aim at your esophagus,
that's the consequence for talkin' to da cops n shit, bet,
bitch nigga you dead, off with they're head,
guillotine, ruling-class ain't shit to me,
I hold it down for the people,
talkin' 'bout liberation,
talkin' bout education, download this information,
neoliberalism that's the matrix, feeling ancient like we aliens, use my alias,
rollin' around wit' a k, aimin' this shit at yo face,
and I'm just tryna get paid, but they exploiting the game,
the workers get left in the shade, aye!
Black Lives Matter
yelling this shit every day, til I'm laid up in the grave,
left in the cold, they're hurting my soul,
but I know that it's more, so I link wit' my dogs and we up in the studio,
studious, no students, more like shooters,
tryna get through to the people, we gon' do this!

Just a Number

This track goes over a personal experience I had working for a small mom and pop company turned multinational conglomerate.

Just a number,
Just a number,
Yeah I’m just a number
and they took the culture put it through the gutter
But I’m Just a number,
Just a number,
yeah I’m just a number
got em making money while the others suffer

[Verse 1]
Thought it was awesome to be selected
by a company that promised me ascension
Little did I know that it would be a wreck when
they would stop investing and the leaders just quit
We would be neglected as if we were step kids
They would keep us guessing there is no direction
they just stole our tech and then they drove it reckless
cold like polar bears is - it is so depressing.
And they'd lie to us and they'd lie to clients
If you didn't like our tech then why'd you buy it
Why’d you try to drive it straight into the ground?
Why'd you sabotage the server -took it down
What about the talent you’re pushing out
Why are numbers down? nigga look around
a new name doesn't change the whole look and sound (x2)


[Verse 2]
The first sign of a problem was travel stopped
why they wanted more profit - they had a lot
extra management was added to the pot
every other spot had a hiring pause
all contractors dropped, sales was backing off
they would have layoffs, emptied half the block
work had piled up told that we cannot stop
and they wondered oh why the morale had dropped
The new CEO was like a profit soldier
they installed new software that was watching over
couldn't change a job because of non disclosure
every quarter all the sales were dropping lower
they would burn our bridges, they would watch it smolder
did not give the service they showed on the brochure
clients caught in contracts, cray like watching Joker
called us nonessential, then they called our closure


[Verse 3]
And I still don't get what all of it's about
Well I guess they just stomp competition out
When our system's better they must rip it down
politics abound, killing new kids in town
When the people here were loyal to a fault
Living through abuse n' we stayed through it all
Keep on cutting - know that it'll ruin y'all
To the ones I've met I hope that you'd still call
cause I've learned a lot and it has helped me grow
got a better job and this one gives me hope
I'ma never stop I feel it in my soul
keep on building knowledge always invite mo'
Gotta build your own, no one else could stop
build a better team, when you set up shop
when you have a dream.. you'll get to the top
and then you'd be king.. when the others drop {beat drops}

Let Me Out

This song was inspired by a friend that was going through depression. This friend assumed that I couldn't understand what they were going through and wouldn't want to talk anything through. I had written these verses from what I imagined to be that friend's perspective to show that I get what they're going through.

You’ve got to pull your self out of there
feeling deflated without a spare
you’ve caused the problem you’re now aware
You’ve got to pull yourself out of there

You’ve got to pull yourself out of there
stuck under thunderstorms of despair
you feel alone and so now you’re scared
you’ve got to pull yourself outta there

[Verse 1]
Sucks right? Huh.
Feels like the sunshine’s done
why’d I look for the plus sign fuh
I feel like I should bust my gun
to my temple cause what I was
is a nobody - online pun.
Say they like me it’s all lies, yup.
there’s no love I could not find none. 
To my friends I’ve been calling out
but it feels like they’re not around. 
Said they’d be there they let me down
they see me as a pest I've found. 
Say I’m great but I just see doubt
I deserve my own blessings now
need some water to let seeds sprout
I’m caught in a loop let me out


[Verse 2]
I’ve been pushing my family away
no relationships can’t see a way
my night skies are an infinite gray
I got high and drank through the day
I’ve got plans and the talent inside
half my life always access denied
bouncing back and forth trapped in a tide
People act like I had barely tried.
But I’m pulling up trying something new
It’s a marathon I’m still running through
feels like I’ve been knocked out, I’m coming to
I’ve been trying hard it’s because of you
I’ve changed up the tune because someone cared
with direction I feel somewhat prepared
and I realize once it’s been done and said
he who sabotaged me was in my head 



This song was written about a specific person I used to work with who thought the only way for him to move up in the company was to pull me down. We started off as friends, but drifted apart as his jealousy increased. He was mad that I was moving up in the company while he barely hung on to his job by a thread because he was more focused on bringing me down than doing his assignments.

Why you gotta be so petty (uhh) {x3}
why you gotta be so Ruuuuuuuuuuuude!?

[Verse 1]
Lets have the – quickest of chats
why you have to be this and your that
I wish you the best, you wish for the scrap
tell me is it that you just pissed cause yo fat
I can envision that
you’re mad cause I am the shit and you're crap
I am the pick of the pack, the cream of the crop
but you don’t wanna see me on top, so he wanna stop
my rise is like the yeast in the pot, the beef in the Ramen
and when I will strike I’m leaving a mark, you need to be taught
cause I don’t like your jealousy
so why you try befriending me
I see that you’re pretending see
you’re riding like an enemy
your back-stab ain’t effectively
bringing me down deceptively
My ethic is impressive see
and yours doesn’t reflect a thing
My movement is kinetic and yours is more like a brake
You’re hanging on my every word just to see what I might say
you’re not infatuated yo goal is to straight up hate
I’m always gonna make it while you stuck playing those games
so I’m sayin’


[Verse 2]
It’s kinda sad to see why you’re not gonna end up on top
you don’t actually try, you victimize like I’ve done you wrong
you’re the reason why I am writing this song
We on the same team and all you do is point out my flaws
but you ain’t beating me nah you ain’t a boss
the truth is your movement is wrong
but you're too stupid to stop
and because you couldn’t pop
you shift the blame and say you wasn’t taught but the proof’s in the pot
you’re loosing a lot your fuse must be popped
so then the noose has just dropped. 
I’m saying duces to y'all.
Because I’m over it.
A real Friend wouldn’t even try to make me go through this
your karma’s gonna be "tailored" I really hope it’s "swift" 
my friendship’s something that it’s true you know you’re gonna miss
I hope you know you’ll be abandoned by all those you diss
you’re on your own planet but yo it’s full of loneliness
I hope yo dissed by every woman that you go to kiss
I give a shit about you, you could suck a swollen dick


All these haters they don't wanna see me winning
Drive 'em crazy - like my CD they be spinning
They be pissed while I be watching TV chillin'
cause I work for all the profit he be missing

All these haters they don't wanna see me winning
Drive 'em crazy - like my CD they be spinning
They be pissed while I be watching TV chillin'
cause I work hard

Vibe With You

This song is both a tribute to my girl for being there to support, as well as a tribute to the fans who consistently support. It's kind of the opposite of "Sidesteppin'" off of my last album.

Vibe with you, Vibe with you,
Vibe with you girl vibe with you
when I’m with you, vibe with you
Vibe with you girl vibe with you
when I’m with you

[Verse 1]
Girl I love it When We’re on the same Wave
When We run together see the gains made
When we joke we never need to placate
and you stayed When other people - they strayed
you supported me when I would need it most
you encouraged me to always keep it goin’
let me live out a dream without leaving home
and you stayed when other peeps gave me the ghost
you’ve got me feeling hope you are the truth
and I teach and I learn when I’m talking to you
and we keep on revolving like molecules do
I enjoy all our time on the rendezvous boo
glad you’re part of the crew and I’m happy you see my vision
it’s too good to be true , it might feel like fiction
I am so glad that you wanted to be my Mrs. 
and so we ride with it till we reach sky’s limits


You were always out there cheering in the crowd
and If I’m selling tickets I knew that she’d be down
because she’s always with it she would be around
if there’s beef then I know she would keep me grounded
she’s a queen and I will always be astounded
at how sweet her style is never being outdid
and she’s always open with me never shrouded
got her friends surrounding and all them are shouting...
my name,
I have all of my people here out in the crowd screaming out Dan,Obey!
Throw their hands up if they bout what you say
haters racist they the south USA
Ace of spades when they card down is an 8
greatest phrases I lay down on the page
I’m the greatest, king of county and state
ain’t gon' say shit when the ground meets your face 


Have you ever realized that a child's mind doesn't see the limits that society places on us? The only limit that they experience is when a parent places those limits on them. So when a child has high aspirations and says "I want to be a Spaceman" or that they want to be a president or a doctor, we should nurture those ideas and encourage the hard work needed to get them on that path. Because if not, the real limiting factor is you.

Wanna be a Spaceman
Wanna be an astronaut one day
Wanna be the president
cause he wants to usher in some change
Wanna be a doctor
Wants to be impactful on your life
because if he had the chance to help you
wouldn’t be a chance that he’d think twice

He wasn’t born with a hateful vein
Hasn’t seen fatal pain
seven today, but in a week he will age to eight
vision of life is just as fresh as an April rain
and in his eyes our generation will pave the way
But we take away faith that he once had
cause his friends laughed cause he lacked food in his lunchbag
figured he’d punch back prove that he was rad
can’t stop just a snag, blast off and come back
an astronaut he won’t give up when the going gets tough
He wants to see the universe when just the globe ain’t enough
a track star or politician he’s going to run
He wants to be on television with trophies he’s won
Philanthropist he’d give his riches to those that he loves
and his world is always peaceful, so you won’t need a gun
a soul so bright that if you needed he’d donate a lung
he’s so inciteful for his age so you hope he’d stay young

[Verse 2 - Viruz]
Sitting and I wonder why?
leaving that day in the dark no goodbye
was I worth anything?
am I more than you?
can I grow up to be everything?
a jack of all trades
try it all want to be king
but I fall
Did you want it all like me?
Did you give up so easy?
now do the best to teach
The more I fight the more he sees
The more I rise the more the reach
Even if I don't win
he sees that tomorrow comes
And we never give up
fight even after the ends in sight
Give it that impact
Give it that love
Give that one ounce more
When you grow
I hope you still laugh when the pain hits hard
Still run for what is right
Don't hide your truths
If it gets scary just hear this message
I hope it hits your heart
As strong as mine wrote it out
take a step down sit back and unbound
Close your eyes and imagine the wold
and see your vision within it work
now wake up and expose
Kid be the universe and explode


This generation is looking for leaders
their mind is a garden and you plant the seeds in
the way that you raise them will mold what they'll be so
Please teach them so they will grow strong like a Cedar
 If not they'll be weeds blown apart in the breezes
They'll sway every way cause they didn't have teachers
so be their cheerleaders and keep on their readers
Encourage their dreams and please let them believe they could


Copyright 2020 - Dan,OBEY!