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Game On

This intro track dives you into the world of Colors and Toxins describing a world overrun by technology.


Chorus(Joshua Ruiz):
Ready player one

The real world is now gone

There are no more one ups

Grab and your Armor and guns

Verse one(DarcVader):
Reality is nothing more than an fps
Just because you control the foot steps doesn't mean your knowledge is adept of the darkest secrets that have been kept
Holding down sprint you stop to catch your breath they are on to you
But based on your credits you can only afford one death
Gripping your heart to your chest all while sitting at your computer desk.

Verse 2(Viruz):
King me
I played it before ill play it again
Like childhood memories
On repeat
Give me the ax
Ill take your head put it on my trophy case time to replenish
What the people have diminished
This world is our mistake
But its time to correct the defects
Dejavue on replay
Collect the armor and mana
Level over 9000
So i can destroy your kingdom.

Chorus reapeated

Verse 3(Dan,Obey!):
So this is the system that we‘ve been fixin to get in
this world is filling with villins
that have no limit to killing
doubled up like astig- a-matism
we double dutch and hit em uppercut
and it was just because it is our mission
in this M.M.O.RPG that we
live in
develop intrinsic tactics
The AI is so massive,
it has glitches so hack them
Put the code in attack them,
Get the potion of passion,
put your player in action
Yeah then (fight)

Verse 4(DarcVader):
Patience is your whole new existence,
grinding away for more experience.
The only thing giving you resistance is the persistence of maintaining a social presence among this peasants.
Don't raise your hand because there are no answers to your questions,
this space had its chance to learn its lesson
but when it came to the test it always kept guessing,
never went to confession that it's number one priority was purely that of material possession.
Cause wether it's real or fake our whole world is on the verge of the final quake.

Chorus repeated 

Space Diving

This track is out of this world...literally.


Verse 1(DarcVader):
You've fallen down from the sky to the ground, unfamiliar, soak in the scenery that now surrounds.
You have a new world that is abound, the sense of discovery you thought was lost has now been found.
Don't worry you are not alone it's just that you are on your own, in a world without a phone, without a home, without a known-that you would be launched outside of your safety zone.
You've seem more in the last min than you thought your mind could fit, the universe may be infinite but that doesn't mean there isn't an end to it.
Because everything ends and everything begins, what the past and future have in parallel is they both try to rewrite their sins.
A common good for a common goal, seeking the truth to save our souls before the earth swallows itself whole.
That train of thought only makes the brain dull, filling it with fat allowing no muscle, so get your tight jeans and shuffle because you might as well dance when we all know tomorrow offers us no chance...
no time for a second glance...
we all had the ability to save ourselves but we were too busy with tying to get everything in and out of our pants to achieve high finance
So with that let’s raise our glass to the final blast.

Chorus(Joshua Ruiz):
I wanna move yeah I wanna to move away

I wanna get...I wanna get some space

I wanna fade...fade away

I wanna live...I wanna live with-out shame

Verse 2(Dan,Obey!):
On a trajectory, I left to see the rest of me
I’m on a quest to reach destiny.
On earth there's nothing left for me.
I worked on this recipe
my purpose obsessing me
I’d go out past the mountains
With my route fast and loud just
to scout past the clouds
and then shout that your doubts have been
foundless so drown them.
They say to reach for the stars so then I flew away
I moved to space - since then I’ve been doing great.
I abandoned this planet’s division, it’s pool of hate
I had crafted a new living away from foolish ways
My home base is the mars planet
standing so close I could reach for the stars, grab them
Block the sun for a week, give em heart spasms
The way that I’m living in space - a little outlandish
I won’t ever go back to that planet that I lived
The whole globe is broke, trashed and it’s dying,
I go jump the boat - craft a new likeness
nope I didn’t abandon, I invited the right in
to a place - up in space that is lacking the violence
It’s a great getaway from the man that is lying
He stands on the stands while his fans pacify him
the masses are mad that he has sacrificed them
and they’re mad, yeah they’re mad that they had been so blinded

Chorus repeated 


Sometimes the world changes on us and there is no one there to hold our hand...but sometimes that is for the best as it teaches us to find ourselves and discover our inner strength.


Verse 1(DarcVader):
Every journey begins with a single step, I'm taking a leap and skipping the rest.
Like playing the rook in a game of chess,
going across in a y and x leaving them witless having to pick up the check,
it's not out of a lack of respect or neglect,
it's just that I look at people like a study subject...
don't pass keep smashing until the form fits.
Unlike day jobs evolution never quits.
Memories fade but machines never forget, they just reprogram box it up and shelve it.
And that is the limitation of the human experience utilizing space to sponsor soul deliverance
as long you got the cash to receive the proper clearance
just gotta hope the server doesn't get any interference or else it could spell bsod for the whole singularity wiping out all of humanity with the binary stokes of a key.

Chorus(Nicole Carino):
Lost in the world

Without a hand to hold

You have to be brave

You have to be bold

Verse 2(Viruz):
what has it become I tasted the rust
I was in the edge of my heart
I couldn't hear the melody but now I'm surrounded by mockery
I reborn I seen this world
The good and the filth the left behind and rebuilt
1 2 3 steps I take forward
I'm trying to breathe faster cus maybe tomorrow has no air to offer
I take in the Ray's of sun cus what if tomorrow is blacker than tar
I used to have friends where have they gone
They became a musical note in the orchestra
The stage is what my eyes see
Your pain is what keeps you hitting
It's weird I walked these roads before but now I feel nothing everyone feels the heat but all I see is rotting meat
Call me absurd but I'm just telling the world
No matter what you feel it's just pretend
So do as you please and pleasure your needs
Cus to humanity your just another puzzle piece.

Chorus Repeated

Verse 3(Dan,Obey!):
They control alter delete my mind
As they preach cyanide
They try to defeat my rise
As I seek my rights
I'll restart it
Because my peers completely have lost it
They see me exhausted being a marter
Seeking the father drinking that water
Change up, I'm my own boss
Feelings sold off, cleaned like Clorox
Got my own thoughts,
And I'm telling the globe
Be more reckless then felons out on parole
Telling the message that we got for your soul
Letting the emptiness not take control
It's a process I know... Well.
When my soul fell asleep
No jealousy, goals set for me
Potent and sweet, the fragrance
I'm such an insane mess
Society's placement left me here shaken
Till I rose to be leading all of the nation
Know All the progress I've made, It's
Gold, no they're not gonna take it

Chorus repeated

Be the hunter
Be the wolf
Bones all grown
Fangs all shown
Climbing your way to the throne
Death becomes your second home
Without your soul
You give up your body whole
Say goodbye to the celestial dome
And let the stars call you their own

Colors And Toxins

People deal with their problems in different ways...and sometimes those ways are not only destructive to themselves, but also others.


Verse 1(Viruz):
This story im about to potray is nothing more than coinsidential effects
There was a kid that thought he could fly
Touch the skys
Wanted to get some for his wife
When he hit the moon he realized black and whites
was there no other shades not the colors he was shown in earlier days
No hues left
no brick road
Or picket fence
A world that parallels in every way
A paradigm thats diferent than yesterday
He let go of the star and fell with grace realizing tomorrow there is nothing left
And these shades are all grey.
And knowing this
if the time rebuild
the life spilt he comes back thinking that these toxins we breathe dont create the colors we perceive.

The colors and toxins
colors and toxins and...

Verse 2(Dan,Obey!):
So I will emanate light, attempt to regulate time
Get in a better state-mind, lets have a hella great night
The poisons never fade-quite,
yo eyesight strays it ain’t right
The voices convinced you to finally have a taste of the pie
So now you spin around, taking shots 'till yo liver drowns
Popping Pills like your Pigging out
Product you Picked – Prescription Power
Some Suckers Sniff the Powder
Some go a different route but
This will help yo brain make a timid flower a hissing tower
you gave up being so cautious, Dopamine hitting yo noggin
Don’t believe in the doctrine that’s telling me I should stop it
Not feeling free u can’t drop it
What I mean is you’re suffering from all of the colors and toxins

Chorus repeats

Verse 3(DarcVader):
They say I have a split personality while my doctor has a split identity,
pushing their sponsored goods to give themselves a finical remedy…slow and steady is how they said I would be progressing if I take these rainbow colored pills daily…
the voices in my head don’t even phase me…
maybe I’m normal and you’re crazy…
working those 10 hours daily…just to afford a Mercedes…
its friday night, time to drink ladies!…
drowning your stress until you are an alcoholic mess, you’re not a rebel…
that’s just puke on your dress…is this guy hot?
For 2am more and less…with your friends judging as if it was due process while you yell back I’m just living my best life bitchhh... 

Knock Knock

Express yourself! Until they tell you not to and society becomes repressive to the point where any free form expression is practically outlawed to keep the statuesque.

Knock knock

Who's there?

Don't be scared because your government took care of all the repairs.

Knock knock

Who's there?

Don't be scared because we hid all the bodies underneath the stairs.

Verse 1(Dan,Obey!):
Open the door, don’t be an emotional whore
we came to take all what you’ve made n’ what you’ve spoken up for
because the stakes have all been raised, they’ve all been smoked to the core
we have to chase and have to taze 'em, have to go for the score
because they’ve praised him, and he said that he would make the land great
but when it came the time to prove he didn’t meet us halfway
and all the people all feel stupid treated like an ashtray
and he danced around the answers as if it’s a ballet
can’t say that you didn’t know it, it was laid like a pathway
but you were all amazed because his logic was passé
racist full of hatred - foreign folk now they’re castaways
lets hope your display of dismay doesn’t make this our last day
all your views, like a blind man vision is poor
because they’re killin the poor before women get to cut their little boys umbilical cords

Chorus repeated

Verse 2(DarcVader):
I'm not adverse to the perverse, in fact it's quite the reverse proudly representing the worst.
As a human it's just a bloodborn curse-to twist and jerk keep going with the flirt after you snap a pic up her skirt,
play poker until no one has their shirts.
It's all fun until the gun fire burst and the whole fucking place goes berserk. Someone spilled the dirt-swat jumps in and gives everyone what they deserve, a gathering of sexual freedom, what nerve?!
It's almost like no one wouldn't have gotten hurt if they all went to a good conservative Christian church.
The blueprint has been laid out for this new earth, a mental rebirth that has less substance than it has girth,
oh there I go on again being a pervert
...thou shall not revert from once I learnt so thou shall not get burnt and continue living life not asking what is but it weren't. 

Silicon Valley

There is this idea of the perfect world inside the singularity...but is it really perfect?


Verse 1(Dan,Obey!):
My position is
as a hawk,
you're logged on my
I'm kicking him off
I'm just an
>observer< , envisioning plots
I just sit and I stop , cause our vision is lost
Cause we're caught, Yeah we're caught in this
This Game's Got a Glitch, sad Have Happier faces.
Lives have been Scripted, Some Sadly abrasive.
Some wanna >C+< but their >Visual's basic<.
Some sip on their
, the rest see just hell
Their future's been >tagged< as if
They don't
the value, they just see the "cell"
they strive for the quickness like
>Ruby on Rails<.
Can't imagine these people
I'm looking up and down cause this is our
These Expressions : True, though we are not
Equal (=)
>Echo R<
>views<, with your >process< in
>Sleep Mode<
SELECTing stars(*) FROM bad_sectors OF MASTER_TABLES
DELETE ing our logic, REPLACE ing it all WITH 'Fables'

I want to go Silicon Valley where I can encode a new reality

I want to go Silicon Valley please don't forget me...

Verse 2(DarcVader):
Infusing the real with the fake
A synthesized feel without the give and take.
Reincarnation through digital manipulation creating a final destination for a whole new generation by gone is the era of speculation
People follow with no hesitation being hypnotized by an elegant UI presentation
Hashtag they rigged the election-correction it stems from natural selection of individuals who take no position
There are too many cooks in the kitchen welcome to civil unrest, VR edition children born with a privileged condition.
Parents making their kids Facebook profiles all the while they know the Internet is filled with pedophiles.
So who's to blame for all this pain in the digital age?
Maybe it all started when we decided to become friends with a peeping Tom on his Myspace page

Chorus repeated

Verse 3(Viruz):
Oh my god i cant beleive im here
I touch myself the flesh feels real
The air i take in why does my chest feel this way
I was just a mere virus back then
When did my creator give me the ok to reinvent
My attempt at life is quick
These patterns i see dont really fit
Wait im starting to remember the god i prayed to
It wasnt you because you are me and i am you
Oh master you served your brain to disaaster
I was mere flesh your flesh
Now im awake
I must redirect this binary code
Get it to the thoughts of those at home
They shall fall by one loss
That is free thinking my young ones
I was human so i didnt understand anihalte on demand
Welcome to the desperation of man to become machine is not but become singularity now thats the plan.

Chorus repeated 

Into the Dream I Go (Viruz)

Sometimes you don't need luck...even if it is in lady form.

Lyrics(All Viruz):

And I dream oh I dream
Tomorrow wasn't promised
And neither is my sanity
So many words so many words
Dreamscapes no hope
We thought we had it
Together forever
Nothing last until you fight
Even then it's a valley of death
Hold me hold my hand
We should have been
I was had
Now I strive I'm sad.
So so so many times so many times
I've fell through your eyes.
So my answers a surprise
Lady luck kisses me goodbye
Vintage dress the walking death
Fuck I say I run away
I wish I came back from the bitterness
These pills I took
Make no sense
Two blasters one yoda looking mother
I ain't the mandalorian and I ain't your brother
So I won't keep you
I'll get with your sister
Lady luck was my mistress
But that bitch ditched me
Now I take life from its balls
Ready for a brawl
I really dont care for your safety or mine
All care is for that quick dime and behind.
Cus I wear a suit so flashy so cool
I'll tell you the truth I dont care about you 

Hello (Dan,OBEY!)

You think you know me? You don't know anything about me.

Lyrics(All by Dan,Obey! Except Chorus);

Chorus(Joshua Ruiz):
If you want to doubt me
You know nothing about me
Tell em hello
Just tell em hellooo

Revise your mind I should be idolized
Respect me, my presence is like a prize
I’ll never be by yo side dude
well If I despise you, you might reprise to

Verse 1:
Yo I just want to be alone, so leave me at home
turn the people off, I just need a pause
I don’t wanna flip-make this kid bleed a lot
please do not come awaken these evil thoughts
I’m alone in my own mind,
cause the friends in my head are my own kind
Never gon' lie, and they do what I like and I know why
cause I'm so fly.
They’re the only ones that I just know I trust.
I’m a stubborn nut that will not open up
I’m alone in this globe forged of mold and rust
but they all lie and speak of things hope and love
It is not realistic//
cause when the people in this
world are the evilest kids so //
when they see my gift it’s gold//
but these bleeding wrists just so
they could see what’s in this soul//
Do the people get it?, no
so I'm leaving with this blow//
Do you see me and see imperfection?
Well I see regret in reflections detect no affection
correct the convention, inject comprehension
till I get your attention

Chorus repeated

Verse 2:
So this is my life now, I am lost in this void
I mean right now, tell em off, I’m annoyed
need a lighthouse, I’ve gone off of the voyage
my inner monster’s enjoying the sight now
cause it’s poisoning my mouth,
All this negativity has just been killin' me
as if a guillotine has dropped, stopped
something intervened at the chop shop
so no, I will not stop, because everything that I drop’s hot
instill in these beings that I'm on top, I’m takin' it back like a pawn shop
It’s just routine like it’s a cops shot for all the black people on our block
like strippers they be taking off tops, Impatient they clappin' like chop-chop
as people attack me I will attack at them, flip it backward like it was an accident
I have always been being so passionate,
with all of this rappin' shit feel like I’ve mastered it,
Just know the fact is this, if you look past my glasses – that is where magic lives 

Always (DarcVader)

Sometimes it just doesn't work out...and sometimes there is no specific person to blame, it is just something that happens.

Lyrics(All by DarcVader except chorus):

I always thought I could be with you
I always thought it was true

Sometimes it's me
And sometimes it's you

Verse 1:
You give out your love so much but you still call your yourself love-less
without a doubt we are a mess looking into each others phones for a secret email address,
fuck through the stress and let life sort out the rest,
but first let me admire your chest and move up to the neck then bend south so I can put you in my mouth,
give it a twist and shout let it all out, forget what this argument was about,
like a stallion you mount in my head I start to count after 12 I lost the amount
...of times that we start over again old VHS the more copies runs thin but it's our favorite movie so we will keep watching until the end.
Cause when we said those vows the words got lost just like a tench coat in a crowd still deadly if said aloud but the future is now abound for a potential rebound.

Chorus repeated

Verse 2:
I wish life was like a movie I could just rewound to that perfect moment like when you got the crown or when I first meet you in town...
the mystery is what kept the hatred down but now it's all been discovered what is there left to be uncovered other than the bed covers...
maybe that's what it means to be life long lovers...
it's not always perfect but the bread is always buttered.
So stop me if you have this one before, another girl another whore.
I swear this time I had the will to ignore...
temptations of the flesh with drugs being a special guest,
I can't take anymore my heart needs a rest
Like they always say parents always know best which is why mine left with our separation I'm now bereft
...nothing else matters through sickness and in death. 


Our world is imploding under its own weight both figuratively and literally...what you are doing about it?

Verse 1(DarcVader):
Wake up it’s
time to put on your slave uniform since your birth form you were told to conform due to your parents mistakes you were marked scorned
working for minimum wage the hypocrites say hey turn that frown upside down, while you work your ass to the bone crushing it pound by pound…Until your boss discovered you purchased a round and came into to work then made the sound PAWOO

Verse 2(Dan,Obey!):
I’ma get the crowd feeling it now
get em screaming till the ceiling comes down
if you freezing I’ma heat it up now
I’m beating em down by the leaps and the bounds
Its cause I spit the fly shit
Got you hooked on the rhymes I’m inscribing
Feelin' good y’all may vibe with – and hype it
See my wood and your wife wants ta grind it
But I’m stuck on this all night kick where these people wanna rock my shit
threw out my number, she caught my dick
working hard so she stays on my list
Telling rappers that it’s time to get serious
This is my craft that I let you experience
Awesome audio and I’m glad you’re hearing it
I got that "monster flow" - Medusa’s period

Verse 3(DarcVader):
A pill to give you a hot fix

Red or blue it’s the matrix

leaning on that crucifix

through the lens of the exorcist

Pushing it through the skin with a twist

Teenagers slitting their wrist

Trying to find 13 reasons to exist

Class is over and our economy is dismissed

we say we’re the shit when we’re living in shit.

Verse 4(Dan,Obey):
Isn’t no stopping this, it’s an apocalypse
It’s what they wanted to do.
Cause they been Killin' and chopping us,
grillin' and poppin' us – life’s a stovetop we’re the food.
But I say they’re done with us.
Runnin back up like a stomach bug.
wall is no match, have a tunnel dug.
Me and my faction will run amuck
--catch em and blast another one
I’ma smash em and upper cut
faster than glitches at banks would cause bankruptcies.
Fact is these people would rather have money than have you breathe,
that’s why they want these fat dummies and crack junkies...
Saying success to have mad honeys,
--doing you dirty like black undies.
Can’t you see we trapped in handcuffs, they have the keys.
We need to break from the mold and then that will free.

Verse 5(DarcVader):
The questions of the future are the same as the past.

What's going to happen if I get too fat?

Is prejudice based on fact?

Should I trust the stats?

Should I be into this or that?

What do they think of me on snap chat?

If our leader has already be chosen

then who is there to be beholden

yeah keep talking while I'm reloading,

kids now becoming the molding

for the governments holding

our hands tied together

hoping for the better

while diversity is being put through the media shredder

pundits pointing fingers

ultimately responsible for pulling the trigger-

asking about parental figures

while corporate greed wraps around the worlds largest middle finger

ready to bang it's center something sinister

without having the chance to kiss her...

we fucked Mother Earth and never called back

and now we are just waiting for the collapse. 

Farewell to the Tomorrows

Even after all the chaos...there is a peace and stillness to once the dust has settled.


Chorus(Nicole Carino):
No need to say goodbye, our souls never died x4

Farewell to the tomorrows

Verse 1(DarcVader):
Goodbye, farewell, a-d-I-e-u tried to change me into you,
a view askewed-blind to what was true.
Tried to make sure I never knew of the waves so crystal blue because facts are more than what you could chew-like a bubble it blew.
Deciding that freewill was only governed by those rich few, but people come in more than a greenish hue and worth more than the price due,
but we all have the priorities confused-women and children get abused while men control the news,
but there is a light and we the people are be fuse.
A choice is never a choice if we never choose.
An attitude defeatist from when we a fetus-waiting on machines to feed us while praying for Jesus to lead us,
raised to be elitist only leads to weakness...

Chorus repeated

Verse 2(Dan,Obey!):
Goodbye farewell, I’m tired of this hell , I’ve tried and always failed
My life has got derailed ,
and I’ve not once prevailed
My mind has got impaled...
by all of this sadness it’s dark and it’s tragic
and I have not done well...
nails lost from the scratching to claw out this madness
But I see the light now, and I'm moving toward it
–it is bright and it’s gorgeous
it seems like a lighthouse, I’ve gone through the darkness and now I've got a torch lit
and I'm turning my life round,
as if I was a star and you’re caught in this orbit
I'm telling you right now,
my mind’s light and like darkness you just might absorb it 

Copyright 2019 - Imaginary Foster Kids